Caixa Hickory Nogal

Artisanal slave drums.

– more focused sound
– more attack
– more natural sound
– pure tone

In the slave drums, there is no flexion or stress that is imposed on the housing, and less tail than the multilayer. This is the reason for this great sound of “TOC DRUMS”

Maple: even amount of high and medium, low warm. For all use.
Birch: it increases the high frequencies, it slightly reduces the average size, a good blow of low end. Shocking and cutting
Hickory: It increases the high frequencies, good medium size and slightly warm tones. Shocking and cutting For all use.
Sapelly: taller, quieter, mildly sized, rich low range. Vibrating and resonant.
Bubinga: even amount of high and medium, rich low range. Sensitive and punctual.
And many more woods.

You can request the size of diameter and depth, the type of finish, the hardware you want to mount, hoops, edge handle, etc.