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Handmade drumsticks

Pep Sola (professional drummer) and Pep Bassaganya (wooden craftsman) combine their knowledge to create quality drumsticks, designed by and for drummers.

Our intention is to offer handmade, high quality drumsticks, personally controlling each of the various operations and guaranteeing a quality product at an affordable price.

The drumstick: we work to achieve the excellence of what some professional drummers have defined as an “instrument”.



TOC sticks manufacture their drumsticks using 2 types of wood:


This tree, originally found in North America, provides the most commonly used wood for manufacturing drumsticks as, along with its hardness, it absorbs a great amount of the impact and allows to reduce fatigue in the hands and wrists.


This tree, originally found in the Mediterranean, is highly valued due to its density, which makes it possible to make sturdier drumsticks which are ideal for styles such as rock, metal… as they offer more volume and a greater definition of sound.

On the other hand, this greater wood density leads to slower stick wear, which in turn leads to extending the useful life of the stick (lasting between 3 or 4 times longer when compared with the drumsticks made from Hickory).


Seeking excellence in every step

At TOC sticks we manufacture our drumsticks by taking care of the appearance, the resistance, the sound and the touch.
During the creation process of TOC sticks’ drumsticks, we put great emphasis on each of the steps to be followed in order to offer a quality product to our customers.


When we cut the wood, we try to follow the “grain” to achieve more resistance on impact.


Undoubtedly the most demanding phase of the creation of the drumsticks, the wood undergoes the maximum pressure and force. If the wood is not in perfect condition, it is discarded. Once the resistance of the wood has been verified, we make the ends of the drumstick making sure that they balance properly.

Sanding and Calibration

We carry out the process in each unit using a fine abrasive that provides the final calibration to the drumstick.


Once the instrument has been completed, it is varnished, which is where we seek the balance between protecting the wood from moisture and other elements while, at the same time, offering a pleasant touch and preventing the drumsticks from slipping.

Silkscreen printing

We offer our customers the option of customizing their drumsticks, with the option to print a band logo, change the colour or even put their own name on them!